Psychic Annie

"Psychic Clairvoyant Tarot and Angel Card Readings"

Have been doing Reiki Healing since 1997 when it first came to New Zealand and completed my Reiki Masters Degree in January 2001.

I find Reiki to be a very gentle healing system that works through the least line of resistance and that is sadness also known as "Disease."  We all have sadness within us and it depends on how deep and how many layers the sadness has entrenched itself dictates as to what energy form it takes eventually in some cases becoming physical.

With Reiki which is a natural healing system it helps release layers of sadness within and outside each individual shifting out dark energy and replacing it with light energy.

With the exchange of energy the body begins to heal on an atom, cellular, mental, soul and physical level which takes time as the energy is the Universal Life Force that knows what each individual needs and is able to cope with at the time of the healing.

My client can be seated in a chair or wheel chair for Reiki Healing or lying on my Reiki Table.  

1/2hr       session  costs  $50

1hr         session  costs  $70

1&1/2hr  session costs   $110

To learn Reiki

Reiki 1    costs    $300

Reiki 2    costs    $300

Reiki 3    costs    $300

Reiki Masters Degree  costs $2500

Please contact me on  01202700749 for an appointment or to Learn Reiki