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Psychic Minds - Healing

Posted on 11 June, 2017 at 20:40 Comments comments (1)

Hi Friends, Annie Capil here today talking about some healing systems and todays one is something that we all do and that is “Smile.”

A smile is a psychic healing system it’s a wave that flows through the mind, body and soul without hitting a wall, it gets in and makes you feel good, makes you feel noticed, makes you feel happy that you matter, makes your energy speed up.

Smile is something that we all do conscious or automatic. Conscious smile is manners for when we meet someone for the first time or making a person to feel at ease. Automatic smile is a response that comes from our subconscious mind, body and our soul. There is no front mind involved it comes from our Higher Self or what’s called our Over Self. Automatic smile penetrates barriers and is – True Love.

True love does that mean we love that person? True love means that a smile uses the healing energy of True Love, the life force healing energy of all that is, all that was and all that will be. In other words it uses the power of the universe – the living consciousness or whatever or whomever you believe in be it God, Buddha, Angels etc.

Smile moves through all systems reaching the core energy of the person, plant, animal, day, night, water, ocean, and food, crowd of people, planet or universe dependent on your intent for your smile. Smile makes our energy speed up shifting out pieces of sadness or dis ease that is manifesting within all our systems seen and unseen. It creates a moment of happiness within everything it touches and through that moment we feel uplifted, feel better.

Try this exercise:

Look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Really look at you and smile. Do this exercise every day and write in a book how you felt. Start writing about your day as you do this exercise and see what happens in your everyday life. Make sure that you put your feelings in your book about events that transpired each day. A smile could be the turning point in your life that makes it change for the better. Remember Practice, Practice, and Practice until you make the program one with you.


Psychic Minds - Mood Stealers

Posted on 30 May, 2017 at 22:20 Comments comments (0)

Hi everyone and welcome to my Annie Capil Blog.

Your probably wondering what made me follow the psychic spiritual path. Really simple I was born this way. My psychic doorway so to speak is wide open.

I want you all to know that we are all psychic many will argue that they are not but in order to live to be here in this world we are all born psychic. We are all connected to the Universe, the Universal Life Force, God, Buddha, Angels or whomever you believe in.

Growing up is a real experience for all of us, growing up as a psychic child is a whole different experience. Society back then believed that being different from the norm meant you were mentally unbalanced and needed fixed. My parents worked overtime keeping me in check telling me constantly that no one sees spirits no one sees people dead before their dead. I must say that freaked my mom out the most because I would say that person is dead, ‘Yep from the mouth of babes.’

Got a bit older and changed that to they are sharp and clear and not really here. Still would make her cringe as she knew exactly what I meant. Some of us have unfinished business and will work diligently at completing it before they fully pass over.

I did this video a long time ago and put it on YouTube.

My Mom taught me how to deal with too much energy. Many Children today are not coping with the energy of Cities, large Schools, lots of people etc nothing psychic is in place for these psychic children other than medicate, medicate, and medicate.

We are all Body, Mind and Spirit. This is what has been known forever time we embraced it.

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